2021: Temporary Lecturer at TELECOM Nancy (Universite de Lorraine, France)

WS 2019–2020: Seminar - Joint Advances in Web Security

WS 2018–2019: Seminar - Joint Advances in Web Security

Ph.D. Student Mentoring & (Co)supervision

From Fall 2021: Shubham Agarwal – Browser Extension Security

From Fall 2021: Kimberly Ruth – Web Measurement – with Zakir Durumeric

Winter 2021: Liz Izhikevich – Internet Scanning – with Zakir Durumeric

Fall 2021: Liana Patel – Web Crawler – with Zakir Durumeric

Master Student Mentoring & Supervision

Winter 2021: Fengchen Gong – Browser Fingerprinting

Bachelor Student Mentoring & Supervision

From Summer 2021: Mark Tran – Browser Extension Fingerprinting

From Spring 2021: Sheryl Hsu – Malicious Extension Detection

From Spring 2021: Vrushank Gunjur – Over-Privileged Extension Detection

Spring 2021: Nahum Maru – Browser Extension Crawler

Fall 2021: Luca Pistor and Nathan Bhak – Exam Software Security

Spring 2021: Paul Szymanski – Bachelor Thesis – A Study of State-of-the-Art Call Graph Creation Approaches for JavaScript – with Cristian-Alexandru Staicu

SS 2020: Anne Christin Deutschen and Luc Seyler – Browser Extensions: Security and Vulnerabilities – with Doliere Francis Some

2019–2020: Marvin Moog and Markus Demmel – Overview and Analysis of JavaScript Obfuscation Techniques

WS 2019–2020: Maximilian Zoellner and Niklas Kempf – Intelligent Fuzzing System for JavaScript

SS 2018: Nils Gloerfeld – In-Depth Analysis of JavaScript Obfuscation Techniques and Deobfuscation

Winter 2018: Dennis Salzmann – Lexical Malicious JavaScript Detection System