Contact me

In general, I ignore all unspecific emails and emails written by ChatGPT.

Prospective Students

If you contact me with regards to open positions, please include your CV and transcript in the email. Be specific regarding why you contact me. For example, to what extent are your research interests related to the research topics of my research group? As already stated here, if you want to apply for a PhD position in my group, you have to apply on the CISPA web page. Only applications received in our system will be considered. Applications sent over emails will be ignored.

I will ignore all impersonal emails, e.g., emails that do not include my name or are a clear copy-paste of emails sent to other professors (including emails sent to other CISPA professors), and emails written by ChatGPT.

PS: adding a PS with the full name of the conference where my last paper was published would definitely bring bonus points.


Most of our research prototypes are already available on GitHub, e.g., DoubleX, HideNoSeek, JStap, JaSt, etc. Other research prototypes can be found here.

Some of the datasets we used in our experiments are directly referenced in the corresponding papers. For example,

If you need access to other datasets for research purposes, feel free to send me a specific email with the following items:

I will ignore emails that do not contain these information.